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What Are Heated Socks?

by:Dr. Warm     2020-05-05
Winter brings along with it promises of Christmas, lots of outdoor activities such as hiking, riding your snowmobile, building snow men and making snow angels. But along with all these also comes the problem of getting cold feet. Having chilled feet results in illnesses such as coughs, cold and fever, especially in children who love spending as much time as possible outdoors. To keep your feet warm and cozy as well as to prevent catching a cold, heated socks are one of the best solutions. Winter sports lovers, children and even people who stay indoors love this winter accessory. These battery operated socks generate heat for up to six hours at a time and work much better than thick woolen socks. Heated socks are made of blended fabrics such as polyester or cotton or Lycra. The fabrics are of good quality and thick enough to trap heat. The heels and toes of a heated sock are reinforced with extra fabric so that they don't wear out easily. The cuffs have a battery pack fitted into them. This battery is the source of power for generating heat. Usually a D cell battery is used in the socks though some brands may specify other types of batteries. The battery has wires running into the toes which are the heat generators. The heat is then distributed across the socks. The heat produced in these special socks is a steady gentle heat, but may get stifling after a while. Since most heated socks do not come with a heat regulator when the sock gets too hot, you should simply remove the batteries if the situation becomes uncomfortable. A lot of people prefer these battery operated socks to regular socks because of them being more durable. A heated sock can be great for winter sports. They are available in different lengths so that they suit the purpose that they are used for. For example, those who like ski hockey require socks that don't come in the way of wearing ski boots whereas people on a hike require socks of a shorter length. Heated socks are pretty easy to care for too. Hand washing and air drying is all that is needed to keep the pair looking fresh and new. In conclusion, if the cold weather outside has been putting you off; there is no need to worry as with heated socks, you can enjoy winter and cold weather outdoor activities easily.
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