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What about the scale of Dongguan Shujian Shoes Material Company?
Dongguan Shujian Shoes Material Co.,Ltd. is a firm of strong competitiveness, thanks to the scaled mill and considerable production capability. The company performance is supported by faithful workers. They hold fast to their positions. We've established stable partnerships with material providers and products forwarders. This is excellent for business scale growth.

Dongguan S-King Limited has gained several patents for its technology applied in production of electric socks. battery heated gloves produced by Dongguan Shujian Shoes Material Company is very popular in the market. To prolong its lifespan, Dr. Warm heated jacket uk is handled with delicate waterproofing work. The product is closely and exquisitely encapsulated to prevent moisture and water vapor from entering into its chips. The product is CE, ROHS, and FDA certified. Customer service is both thorough and well received by Dongguan S-King Limited's clients. It is exported to North America, South America, Africa, Europe, etc.

The long-term development plan of Dongguan S-King Limited includes heated long underwear and heated long underwear. Ask!
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