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Hey Bikers, Tired of Riding Cold?

by:Dr. Warm     2020-05-01
Then consider heated motorcycle clothing. Riding in cold weather for a short period of time or over a short distance is not the problem. Wear enough layers, cover your skin and hang on until it's over. But long-distance riding in cold, windy, wet weather requires cold weather survival planning. Just toughing it out is not only uncomfortable, it's also dangerous. Your internal heat source - your body - is generating very little heat as you're sitting still on your bike. If you ride long enough without an external heat source, such as battery-powered heated clothing, it's only a matter of time. You will get cold. Also consider the Sixty, Sixty, Thirty Rule: traveling 60 mph at 60 degrees F, the wind chill factor is 30 degrees F. So even on a relatively warm day, you need to prepare against wind chill that can make you miserable and unsafe. Dressing warmly is effective for only so long as the wind chill will eventually take its toll and your body will get progressively colder, starting with your extremities and eventually cooling your core. Heated motorcycle gloves and heated socks will go a long way toward protecting your extremities from the cold, but it's most important that you keep your core warm. Fortunately, quality heated motorcycle clothing is available to do just that. For example, there are many heated vests and jacket liners to choose from. Fitting close to the body and temperature controlled, a heated vest can be an essential part of your newly comfortable world. So how much external heat do you need? Probably not as much as you think. First you have to plug the holes allowing cold in, then the external heat needs to be distributed evenly. Advances in technology have allowed for the production of lightweight, comfortable, flexible, easy to pack heated clothing without the downside of hot spots. Also available are a variety of temperature controllers, designed specifically for heated clothing. Temperature control is very important because if the clothing is too hot, it may feel as though the skin is burning, but the deep-heated feeling of warmth to the core may not be experienced. In addition, different bodies prefer different temperatures so your clothes can be 'customized,' warmth-wise. And, using your infinitely variable temperature controller, you can be just as comfortable riding all day in 20 degree weather as you would be at 60 degrees. Not bad at all. So how much will this set you back? With recent advances, a number of manufacturers have come online with quality heated motorcycle clothing and gear. This has expanded your choices while keeping prices affordable. Prices range from about $60 for a pair of heated socks to about $300 for a heated jacket with built-in heat controller. Considering the many benefits, heated motorcycle clothing may be the bargain you've been searching for.
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