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Heated Motorcycle Clothing - Why Suffer?

by:Dr. Warm     2020-04-30
There's no doubt that some of the best, most scenic and legendary summer motorcycle rides are through the Appalachian and Rocky Mountains. Heck, even car travel is wonderful on these routes. But in a car, the temperature, precipitation and wind chill are of little importance. Not so when you're doing 60mph in 60 degrees for 6 hours on a bike. Summer notwithstanding, the effective wind chill is 30 degrees under these conditions. Not comfortable, not safe. And anyone who's ridden extensively in the mountains knows how quickly the weather can change from perfect to really mean, pretty much ruining your day. Enter heated motorcycle clothing - a simple, elegant solution to the Cold Rider Blues. C'mon guys, why suffer when it's not necessary? Advances in heated clothing technology, advances in electric circuitry, and the appearance of lightweight, windproof, stretchable fabrics have allowed for a plethora of choices in heated motorcycle clothing. Maybe all you need is a heated vest to keep your core warm. Maybe it's cold, stiff fingers, and a pair of heated gloves or heated grips would do the trick. Cold toes? No problem - heated socks. All of these can be run off of a rechargeable battery pack or your bike's motor. In addition, cables, connections and adapters make possible the use of multiple articles of heated clothing at the same time, no matter where your cold spots are - and all this without hot spots. In addition to the comfort factor provided by heated clothing, the use of lightweight, windproof fabrics allows the rider to be warm without the bulk of multiple heavy layers of clothing. This allows for greater body flexibility, which in turn increases the safety factor. Then there's the affordability factor. Heated clothing prices range from around $60 for heated socks to about $300 for heated jacket with built-in cables and temperature controls. When you consider the many benefits of today's heated motorcycle clothing and gear, it only makes sense to give it a try. Start with one of the most popular pieces of heated clothing, the heated vest at around $140 or the heated jacket liner at under $200. See what a difference this makes in your life, then come back for more. So whether you're taking on the Grandfather Mountain ride through the Blue Ridge area of North Carolina or the Trail Ridge Road Scenic Byway through the heart of Rocky Mountain National Park, behind your smiling face is an extra level of security knowing that the elements will have to work hard to mess with your day. Enjoy the ride!
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