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Heated Motorcycle Clothing and Independence Day

by:Dr. Warm     2020-05-04
The annual Independence Day Parade in Vail, Colorado is cheered by locals and thousands upon thousands of summer visitors to the town. The parade is always led by a large contingent of Harleys and their riders rumbling through narrow streets decked out in their 4th of July best, shaking buildings and rattling windows. It's a very exciting way to start a small town parade. Tradition has it that the Harleys travel through Vail, up to Leadville, over Independence Pass and down into Aspen. Now it may be the middle of summer, but there's still plenty of snow at Independence Pass (12,095 ft), as well as icy winds and winter-like temperatures. These are the perfect conditions for heated motorcycle clothing. With recent advances in heating technology, heated clothing is light-weight, windproof, flexible and easy to pack. So it makes perfect sense to start out warm and stay warm on this beautiful ride by packing some heated motorcycle clothing for the stretch over the Continental Divide. But be aware that heated motorcycle clothing isn't just for summer anymore. For year round riding in temperate climates or to extend the riding season in other, less temperate parts of the world, heated clothing provides comfort and warmth like nothing else available. Sitting still on your bike over long distances, your body doesn't generate enough heat by itself and needs an external heat boost. Dressing warmly by piling on the layers is effective for only so long and the Sixty, Sixty, Thirty Rule will eventually come into play. Traveling at 60 mph in 60 degree weather, the wind chill is 30 degrees. Under these conditions, your body becomes progressively colder, starting with hands and feet, and eventually affecting your core temperature. Heated motorcycle gloves and socks, as well as heated grips, will go a long way toward protecting your extremities from the cold. But for distance riding, it's vital that your core stays warm, as this keeps the whole body warmer. A heated vest or jacket liner is just the thing you need. This isn't just a comfort issue. Your safety is at risk when you're cold. There are numerous suppliers of quality heated motorcycle gear. And there are numerous choices in your search for comfort and warmth - heated gloves and socks, heated vests and jacket liners, heated pants liners, heated scarves - ranging in price from about $60 for heated socks to about $300 for a heated jacket with built-in temperature controller. Considering the benefits of warmth, comfort and safety; heated motorcycle clothing is definitely a bargain. Not only that, you'll enjoy another level of Independence - this time from the weather.
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