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Heated Insoles to Keep Your Feet Warm During the Winter

by:Dr. Warm     2020-04-23
Winter weather can be harsh and brutal to not only on our skin, but our other extremities as well, especially the feet. When you spend considerable time outdoors in cold, winter weather, it pays to have something to protect yourself from these elements. You will need heated insoles to keep your feet warm and help protect you against the bitter cold. There are many types of insoles on the market today for winter use. Some come in the form of chemically activated heat packs that can be purchased from your local supermarket and will work for up to six hours. The chemical action consists of a liquid and crystals with a thin metal rod in the insole. When the metal is bent or the packet crushed the chemical action takes place producing a heat. Some heat packs can be used more than once but it is not recommended that you use them for extended periods due to leakage of the chemicals. Other brands of heat producing insoles that may cost a little more money are ones that use batteries, which can be recharged. The battery is usually very small and thin. This is usually a lithium ion battery. The insoles work separately from each other and have sensors that will detect when the temperature drops below 31 degrees Celsius. They are then activated and produce warmth for up to eight hours. There are safeguards in place with these types of products to ensure that your feet do not get too warm. When the temperature reaches 41 degrees Celsius or above, the unit will shut off automatically, thus protecting you from the unit overheating. You can benefit from this type of product whenever you are involved in outdoor winter activities such as hunting, fishing, skiing, and snowmobiling. Besides protecting you from frostbite, they will make your outdoor time more enjoyable for longer periods of time. Whenever you are in the market for heated insoles to keep your feet warm, remember to compare brands, features, and costs. You can do this online with various brands that are advertised. You can read reviews from other consumers who have used and rated the various products, and choose the one that fits your lifestyle and needs.
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