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Heated Clothing For Biking

by:Dr. Warm     2021-05-02
It's obvious that riders need something warm and something thick to protect themselves when riding their street bikes or mountain bikes. Imagine riding down a street or mountain with warmth circulating on your hands, feet and chest. This doesn't make the rider weak or less of a tough person. Forget acting tough. It's time help yourself and feel safer. Mentally you may think it's childish. Would you ride a bike without a helmet? Of course you would not. Then why should you risk not protecting your body when climates are harsh. The colder it gets the harder it is for the body to act on reflexes and physical responses become slower. It also becomes hard to control ones bike when their hands and feet become numb. Hypothermia is the number one killer of outdoor enthusiast during winter. The truth is you're smarter than this. You know that the body in cold temperatures can shut down or a loss of consciousness can take place. You know that it doesn't matter what others think of you. Your life is important that you will take measures to heat yourself. The technology for battery operated heaters is available. The batteries attached to your hand, feet, or chest are smaller than a deck of cards can be easily stored in pocket. Imagine cruising some where so cold yet you're comfortable because your hands and feet aren't numb. You're feeling good that you took the chance to invest in technology which ultimately can save your life from hypothermia.
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