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Do Heated Insoles Work to Keep Feet Warm?

by:Dr. Warm     2020-04-24
People spending a lot of time outdoors in the winter often try using insulated insoles to help keep their feet warm. Unfortunately, insulated insoles are rather limited for this use, since they only help to maintain the natural body heat, while insulating the inside of the shoes or boots from the cold outdoor temperatures. For those who need to spend extended amounts of time in the cold, heated insoles can be a much better choice. Heated insoles work better than simple insulated insoles because they generate additional heat to keep feet warmer. There are a variety of models on the market, which vary in regards to quality and cost. Although some models have wires, these are generally not the best choice for individuals who need to do a lot of walking while wearing them, as they can become uncomfortable. Insoles with wires are also undesirable for those lack sensitivity in the feet, as these people might not feel the discomfort of the wires until they actually injure the feet. They can be especially important for people who have impaired circulation in their feet and legs. People who are diabetic often benefit from these insoles, because they help to increase the ability to feel sensations in their feet. They can also help avoid the problem of frostbitten toes, which can be caused by extended exposure to cold outdoor temperatures. They are a good choice for people who have to work outdoors, for bike and motorcycle riders, and for those who spend a lot of time hiking, skiing, or hunting in cold temperatures. The most desirable models of insoles operate by means of rechargeable batteries. These can be much more economical and convenient than those which work on standard batteries. The rechargeable batteries which are used in insoles are usually Lithium Ion, since these batteries are small, lightweight and leak-proof, making them a good choice to generate the electricity needed. Heated insoles work in a safe fashion, since they have the ability to monitor foot temperatures. They are designed to generate heat only when a person's feet become cold, which prevents overheating and conserves battery life.
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