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Any further technical information about Dr. Warm?
Dr,warm adopts highly advanced technology to produce Dr,warm. Advanced and modern technology means more elaborate operations on machines and assembly lines that are both applied to producing finest-quality products. We are equipped with professional engineers who are experienced in producing the products for years.

Following years of battery heated jacket manufacturing creation, Dongguan Shujian Shoes Material Co.,Ltd. is now China's top manufacturer. The battery heated gloves series has become a hot product of Dongguan Shujian Shoes Material Company. Dr. Warm heated long underwear with various styles is delicately designed by the design team coupled with highly skilled craftsman and engineers. Its chip is developed and designed independently in strict accordance with industrial standards. Because of the high cost effectiveness, the product is more and more popular in the field. Each electronic part is tested in an all-round way to make sure it functions well.

The practice of electric clothing will be the focus of Dongguan Shujian Shoes Material Company’s work in the future. Contact!
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