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12V Heated Vest - The Bikers Best Friend

by:Dr. Warm     2020-04-16
If you love riding your motorcycle in mornings, then having a 12v heated vest will really come in handy. Most people think that to keep warm, they have to wear layers of clothes. Although this can help in moderate cold, there are cases when the layered approach won't be enough to shield you from the winter breeze. How does this 12v heated vest work anyway? The vest is ideally worn over a shirt and then plugged into a 12v power source. Because of its lightweight, you will never have to worry about losing mobility and constraining your movements. Specially designed heating panels replace coils to transmit heat to the areas of the body. Now with this technology, you won't have to worry about feeling like you are wearing a toaster. Also, some manufacturers are using micro fiber alloys which are lightweight and almost unnoticeable when weaved into the 12v heated vest itself. How about the overall construction of the vest? Just because it is functional doesn't mean that it will look ugly. In fact, these vests are made of the finest materials in the market. Nylon is most commonly used since this is durable and provides the much needed breathability to the vests. How will this compare to leather jackets? Yes leather jackets look cool and will keep you warm. But, the question is for how long. Unlike conventional clothes or jackets, the 12v heated vest has the ability to maintain the warmth needed by your body. Also, you can choose the level of warmth that you are comfortable with. How about the price? This is the common question for most people and at the same time it is also the reason why they fail to purchase a vest. Typically, the vests cost around $100 to $200. A bit pricy, but when you take into consideration the many benefits of using one, then you will think that it is a bargain. Therapeutic benefits The cold brings along with it various ailments. Among these is the dreaded arthritis. By maintaining your body temperature the 12v heated vests will prevent the freezing of your joints. As the temperature goes down, the joints of people with arthritis tend to get swollen. But, when you have heat at your disposal, then you don't have to worry about anything. Can you make one yourself? If you have the right skills and determination, yes you can actually make your own heated apparel and not just vests. The question is, how will your DIY 12v heated vest compare to those in the market with years of research behind them? Yes it will be much cheaper by half if you make your own, but are you willing to risk your safety in trying out makeshift vest?
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