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New product BLE5.0 Heated Insoles


New product BLE5.0


    Dr.warm heated series includes heated insoles, heated gloves, heated socks. After several improvements and upgrades, the heating insole system officially launched BLE 5.0


    BLE5.0 insole has the following advantages:

1. BLEsignal is stronger and easier to search, connect within one second

2. The data transmission speed is fast, and it is updated synchronously with the changes of the heating insole 

3. Precise temperature control, NTC constant temperature control at 50-55 ℃


    The BLEinsole itself is a product that has advantages over manual and remote control insoles. It is more friendly and convenient for users to use outdoors. Our R & D team will continue to work to improve the performance and safety of products to better reflect the use of customers. provide better quality and more professional products for the heating insole market.

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