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How to Choose a Suitable Pair of Orthopedic Insoles


How to Choose a Suitable Pair of Orthopedic Insoles


In fact, the application range of orthopedic insoles is very wide, and it can be applied to many kinds of foot diseases, such as the pain caused by intertarsal arthritis of the foot, tarsal tarsal arthritis and metatarsal toe arthritis. And the therapeutic effect of orthopedic insoles is to stabilize the bone structure, unlike drug treatment, only symptomatic treatment.

In addition, orthopedic insoles also play a good role in preventing and treating elderly chronic low back and leg pain.


Problems with orthopedic insoles

1: When people are active, it is best to choose shoes with orthopedic pads, and to do different sports, it is recommended to wear different insoles.

2: When choosing new shoes, bring your orthopedic pad to choose more suitable shoes.

3: When buying new shoes, wear the socks you usually wear.

4: Evaluation of orthopedic pads: The size and shape of orthopedic pads should be adapted to your shoes. During exercise, there is no relative movement between the foot and the orthopedic pad

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