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Dr. Warm dr.warm heated insoles

Dr. Warm dr.warm heated insoles

Dr. Warm dr.warm heated insoles

Drwarm heated insoles
Foot warmer
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Shujian Shoes Material has great production capability and excellent technology. We also have comprehensive production and quality inspection equipment. heated gloves has fine workmanship, high quality, reasonable price, good appearance, and great practicality.Supported by advanced technology, Shujian Shoes Material has a great breakthrough in the comprehensive competitiveness of heated gloves, as shown in the following aspects.
Application Scope
The Dr.Warm Heated Insoles produced by Shujian Shoes Material is widely used.Shujian Shoes Material always focuses on meeting customers' needs. We are dedicated to providing customers with comprehensive and quality solutions.
Product Advantage
  • heated gloves is manufactured based on high-quality materials. Scientific in structure, strong in supporting stability, it can effectively enhance the foot stability, and provide a comfortable wearing experience.
  • heated gloves is manufactured based on high-quality materials. It not only has the function of decompression and shockproof, but also effectively reduces the foot fatigue and prevents displacement.
  • Shujian Shoes Material has a number of advanced production lines, and has introduced a number of first-class insoles production equipment at home and abroad. All this provides a strong guarantee for the high quality of heated gloves.
Company Advantages
1. Customers have made some extraordinary claims for our dr.warm heated insoles .
2. The product has a self-protective function. When there is a malfunction, it can automatically diagnose and show what's wrong with itself.

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3. The product helps cure mild-to-moderate overpronation by providing cushion and support to the foot arch, making it especially suitable for people with a moderately flat arch.

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This Dr.warm W4 heated insole go inside your shoes, boots, or ski boots and attach to a battery pack via a 22” cord. They distribute the heat evenly throughout your entire foot and sometimes have the capability to adjust according to the temperature inside your boot and provide anywhere from 2.5 to 7 hours of reliable heat when walking, working, skiing or even riding a motorcycle.

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Dr.warm W4 Heated Insoles include two 4000mAh 3.7V Li-ion batteries, heating up for about 7 hours with low heat and for about 3 hours with high heat.

Also, the heated insoles have 3 heat settings – low heat, medium heat, high heat - so that you can choose your right temperature and stay comfortable according to different environments.

Temperature Choice:

  • Low Heat: 104-122℉/40-50℃ | 6-7 hours

  • Medium: Heat: 122-140℉/50-60℃ | 4-5 hours

  • High Heat: 140-158℉/60-70℃ | 2.5-3 hours

Note: The data above was collected at a temperature of 25℃/77℉. The working temperature and time may vary according to the ambient environment.

These heated insoles provide heat to forefoot and the heel

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Crafted from high-quality and environment OrthoLite foam material, this high-performance material provides breathable, sweat-absorbent, durable and good cushioning.

OrthoLite foam compresses less than 5% over the lifetime of the product—so the cushioning, fit, comfort and performance never change.

SIZE: heated insoles can be easily trimmed and adapted. One size fits all for women and men (US Shoes Size 6-13). It’s ideal for all kinds of shoes.

Note: cut along the cutting lines, and don't cut the "DO NOT CUT" area and it will destroy the heating components

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Double-Sided Reversible Micro USB design will plug into your device and computer’s USB Port in either direction. Saves time by eliminating the guesswork when connecting to your computer/device. No More Fumbling! (Can be connected with the car charger, power bank, computer mobile charge, etc)

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Rechargeable Battery Heated Insoles could solve your cold feet problem in the freezing weather. Keep you more vitality for some activities of the winter like Hunting, Skiing, Motorbiking, Mountain climbing or Walking etc. Simple and easy operation.

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High-quality Ortholite foam & carbon fiber that is breathable conducts heat efficiently, offers great shape retention and shock absorbency. You can cut the unisex warm insoles into your own size according you need. The shoe size range is given on the insoles for your convenience. One Size Fits All for Women and Men. Ideal for all kinds of shoes.

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Dr.Warm Rechargeable Battery Heated Insoles could solve your cold feet problem in the freezing weather. Keep you more vitality for some activities of the winter like Hunting, Skiing, Motorbiking, Mountain climbing or Walking etc. Simple and easy operation.

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Packing List

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Company Features
1. Dongguan S-King Limited enjoys high notability in the field of dr.warm heated insoles .
2. Quality speaks louder than number in Dongguan S-King Limited.
3. Our company bears social responsibilities. We stick to daily shutdown SOPs for copiers, PC monitors, and other office machines when not in use.
Dr. Warm dr.warm heated insoles offers various design styles to global customers. OEM and ODM are provided for the product
The needs of designing latest dr.warm heated insoles is the fostering of a vibrant and dynamic Dr. Warm. It is of glossy texture, bringing visual experience to the users
Dr. Warm dr.warm heated insoles is paid extreme attention to during production. Its color and size can be customized to meet diverse demands
Dr. Warm dr.warm heated insoles is precisely made by the advanced equipment. It is notable for excellent thermal conduction
It proves to be more efficient for Dr. Warm to focus on the design of dr.warm heated insoles. The product is featured by high toughness for long-term use
This product has withstood the test of our professional QC team and authoritative third parties. OEM and ODM are provided for the product
The products are of high quality and stable performance, and are well received by customers. It is less prone to ageing after long-term service
The product undergoes rigorous quality checks under the supervision of qualified professionals to ensure quality. The product can resist high temperatures
This product has good performance and long service life. Its waterproofness is one of its major characteristics
The product has obtained numerous certifications from international standards testing. It is tested to be of high performance and can be used for a long time. Its color and size can be customized to meet diverse demands
We adopt statistical quality control technology to ensure stable product quality. It is of glossy texture, bringing visual experience to the users
The product only consumes little power energy. There is only a little increase in costs no matter how much water is used. Made of high-tenacity plastics, the product is not easy to break under pressure
Customers say the water tastes much better after installing this product, and no chemical taste such as chlorine and disinfectants. It is endowed with a protective layer for premium anti-collision property
The product is energy efficient, which not only has a positive impact on the environment but it also greatly reduces people's energy bills. The instruction manual will be provided with the product
People will be not easily distracted by the hotspots or glare of this product. The only thing people will experience is to enjoy its beautiful light. The product is well known in the global markets, like Europe and South Korea
The soft and elastic product can effectively relieve the foot pain and offers support to the foot arch to reduce the irritation caused by plantar fasciitis. It is notable for excellent thermal conduction
One of the customers said: 'I switched on and off continuously and frequently, I can't find any flicker problem.' It helps users to fully utilize the inner function of the car
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