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Dr. Warm bluetooth heated socks

Dr. Warm bluetooth heated socks

Dr. Warm bluetooth heated socks

Dr.warm heated socks
Foot warmer
TT, Payple
Place of Origin
Mixture of cotton, acrylic, nylon, and spandex
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Enterprise Strength
  • Based on customer demand, provides all-around and professional services for customers.
Application Scope
Shujian Shoes Material's heated gloves is widely used in many industries.Guided by the actual needs of customers, Shujian Shoes Material provides comprehensive, perfect and quality solutions based on the benefit of customers.
Product Advantage
  • heated jacket has a soft and delicate texture and an overall structure suitable for the foot. It can provide the most comfortable wearing experience for the user.
  • heated jacket is manufactured based on high-quality materials. It has the function of shock absorption and ventilation. It can not only effectively reduce the impact of the foot rebound when walking, and greatly absorb sweat to keep the feet dry and fresh.
  • Shujian Shoes Material has introduced advanced production quipment. Besides, we have professional inspection personnel to conduct strict quality tests. All this ensures the excellent quality of heated jacket.
Company Advantages
1. By virtue of excellent materials, bluetooth heated socks has good softness and elasticity. It is not easy to deform and is long-lasting in durability.
2. bluetooth heated socks is manufactured based on superior materials. With good breathability, it can fully breathe and quickly absorb sweat, so as to keep the shoes dry and prevent sweaty feet.

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3. Dongguan S-King Limited has opened up overseas markets, and maintains a steady annual growth rate of exports.

                                                                                       Dr.warm Rechargeable and Washable Heated Long Socks

Anyone who spends a great deal of time outside in the cold, whether for work or recreation, or who has Raynaud’s Syndrome or bad blood circulation, knows how debilitating cold feet can be. Dr.warm Washable Heated Long Socks are designed to eliminate this problem.

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Anyone that has cold feet or wants to keep warm in winter will absolutely wants soft and thermal heated socks.

For Sports: skiing, hiking, camping, snowboarding, hunting, fishing, cycling, skating, motorcycling, equestrian, dog walking, etc. The elastic fabric can support you with many more sports without any restraints.

For anyone with Raynaud’s Syndrome or bad blood circulation. The heating system can improve blood circulation and keep your toes warm all the time.

For anyone working in the cold. May you feel the warmth like you’re at home wherever you are.

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Designed with a mixture of cotton, acrylic, nylon, and spandex, these socks are warm, soft and lightweight.

The thickness of the heated sox reaches 3mm which can maintain the temperature inside the socks and provide you softness, reducing fatigue when walking or running. TIP: Suggest wearing loose shoes or boots when putting on these heated socks.

Constructed with 20*5cm membrane which completely wraps your toes and instep, you can feel that your feet are surrounded by warmth after wear. Three heating levels are available.

These socks are WASHABLE. You may wash them by hand or put them into laundry bag and wash them by washing machine. ATTENTION: The battery must be removed before washing them.

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The Dr.warm heated socks are remote-controlled and with a large capacity of 2600mAh battery whose heating time is up to 11 hours. Just put on these heated socks and go out to have fun, and you can control them with a remote controller anytime anywhere.

Here’s the instruction:

  1. Connect the battery with the wire connector, and put the battery into the battery pocket.

  2. Press the button on the sock or the button on the remote controller to turn on.

  3. Press the button on the sock or the buttons on the remote controller to choose your right temperature.

  4. Press the button on the sock or the power button on the remote controller to turn off.

ATTENTION: Disconnect the battery with the sock for a long time unused.

TIPS: The mixture of heated socks will cause pilling problem during wear. Fabric softeners may sometime be effective in reducing pilling.

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These heated socks include two large-capacity 2600mAh rechargeable Li-lion batteries, which can heat up for around 3.5-11 hours. The battery can be fully charged in about 4 hours. Ideal for any outdoor winter activities and keep you warm all the time.

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Comes with a remote controller, pairing with two 2600mAh 7.4V lithium batteries, these electric heated socks can warm your feet in less than 30 seconds. Simply touch the built-in controller switch or the remote controller to choose from 3 heat settings - high heat, medium heat, and low heat - anytime anywhere without any embarrassment.

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The heated socks are suitable for all kinds of outdoor sports, such as skiing, snowboarding, hiking, hunting, fishing, cycling, skating, motorcycling, equestrian, etc. They are also good for blood circulation, ideal for anyone with Raynaud’s Syndrome or working in the cold.

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Packing List

Company Features
1. For many decades, Dongguan S-King Limited has been dedicated to high performance R&D, layout, manufacturing, process improvement and the manufacture of bluetooth heated socks.
2. We have brought together a team of professional designers. With their years of design expertise and unique design concept in mind, they can constantly keep trends with the latest market to design products with the best concepts.
3. Excellence comes from our professionalism in the electric toe warmers industry.
Dr. Warm electric toe warmers is made using the latest technology. It doesn't contain "never use" ingredients which are from the abandoned materials list of EU, Canada, and the US
Dr. Warm bluetooth heated socks undergoes regular inspection to achieve proper functionality. The product has no unpleasant odor at all
electric toe warmers is more cost-effective and environment friendly. It is guaranteed that there are no heavy metals inside
Good electric toe warmers helps electric toe warmers to be the hottest product in the market. The product is made of plant-based materials
The quality Dr. Warm bluetooth heated socks is produced with excellent workmanship and finishing. The product has helped win invention patents
This product features the highest possible tear properties, which is related to a combination of factors involving the base fabric and weave construction. It provides care for people's daily life
The product features an intelligent circuit design. It will stop automatically to protect itself in the case of overload voltage to prevent against the trip. Designed with a nice appearance and tailor-made packages, it can serve as a gift
The product is soft to touch. Necessary auxiliary treatment such as adding softening agents or softeners is conducted during the treatment of the material. It has been proved that the product contains no synthetic dyes
The product features outstanding electric insulation. Its insulation materials are able to withstand the largest electric field without being damaged. Featuring formula stability, it can keep stable even exposed to the bright light or heat
This product has the advantage of strong corrosion resistance. The surface of it has been processed with special oxidization and plating technique. Designed with a nice appearance and tailor-made packages, it can serve as a gift
The product features fine softness. The mechanical extrusion process squeezing and rubbing between the fibers and yarns enhances the ductility of the fabrics. It has passed the tests of phototoxicity and skin irritancy
With tremendous economic benefits, the product is worthy of promotion. It has been proved that the product contains no synthetic dyes
With good economic effectiveness, this product will become more acceptable. It is certified under ISO22716 and conforms to the standard of cGMP
Dongguan S-King Limited has an excellent-sales service system. The product doesn't contain parabens at all
With the further development and growth of Dongguan S-King Limited, it's social recognition, popularity and reputation will continue to increase. The product can be manufactured based on customized formulation
This product has good economic and social benefits. It has passed the tests of phototoxicity and skin irritancy
Dongguan S-King Limited has set up the top platform of commercial resource in the world. The product has been certified under SGS
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