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Smart Phone Control

Smart Phone Control System

Product parametersMAIN TITLE

Manual System

Light, thin and robust heated chip can be easily integrated in any products.

Dr.Warm manual and remote control system currently mainly use for heated gloves. heated insoles, heated socks. The insoles can accompany you on your bike or motorcycle rides, hunting, hiking, and will improve your well-being every day. Combined with our unique inertial chip, our heated product represents the advanced technology developed in the outdoor sport heated industry.


Heated Chip for insoles, gloves, socks, underwear

Voltage:3.7V and 7.4V.

Weight: ≈7g

Water & dust resistant

Shock resistant


Use the best quality chips

For example: MCU uses CSR chip, Power chip uses TOREX, and MOSFET uses AOS.

Industrial chips

All the chips use industrial-grade chips. They are developed and designed independently and purchased in strict accordance with industrial standards. Working temperature: -30℃ - 80℃

Production Technology

Strictly control PCB producing to solve the aging problem. Test per PCB to make sure the electronic element functions well.

Design & Develop Independently

Design the board & programme independently, make sure the stable performance.

Smart Phone Control 4.2

Smart Phone Control 4.2 , to make sure more convenient and fast to use


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